Saturday, August 17, 2013

Best SEO tips for 2013

The speed rate at which Internet technology is progressing these days is proportionally applied to the services that are consequently developed over the web. For less than a decade, business over the Internet has grown to be a multimillion dollar market with new sites emerging every day, hoping to “grab a piece of the cake”.  In order to do that advertising over the internet, or internet marketing has become a major business branch. Further more, this branch includes lots of online methods used by sites to generate traffic and attract new customers. Among those, the most used internet marketing technique in recent years is search engine optimization. Because Google is the monopoly among search engines, using the best Google SEO tips is what most sites prefer. In advance we will try to point out the best SEO practices that are used today.

What are best SEO Techniques of 2013?


  • Great user-friendly content
Maybe the most significant SEO tip you can get from a consultant is writing user-friendly content. In other therms the information you provide must be optimized for Google and be able to catch the attention of the reader. Search engine optimization is not an easy job, as recently Google launched Penguin and Panda updates that gave spammers a lot to think about. Following this further, content writers who did not provided quality content in the first place can face serious site ranking damage. Therefore we can say that creating value adding content is the SEO tip with number one priority.

  • Keyword research
In 2010, Google offices announced that site speed will be included as one of many criteria on which ranking is conducted. Apart from the Google SEO tips we mentioned above, site speed is not that relevant. However it can make trouble for web sites that did not pay much attention improving site speed over the years.

  • Submit a Sitemap
Another SEO tip you might want to use is submitting a sitemap to Google. It isn’t totally necessary to use this in order to get better ranking, but providing a sitemap helps Google index the structure of your site more easily. Therefore, your site being indexed faster will lead to faster ranking.

These are just some of the best SEO practices used today. Hence, it is up to you to decide which SEO methods you will use and how you will use them to get the most effective SEO strategy.

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